TOP 5 Places To Sell Used Laptop

Why do you keep your old laptop laying around when you can make money off it? Trade in old computers for cash instead.

You’ll be surprised by how easy it is. You can do it yourself with every laptop. In fact, you use the cash you get back from your old laptop to help to pay for your new one! The great thing about laptops is that even old ones can still benefit others. Once it becomes a little too sluggish for you, you can still find someone who it will work well for, like a high school student who just needs one for simple word processing or research. And, some people even buy old laptops to upgrade and resell for even more money. Either way, there are buyers out there for just about any kind of computer – even your old laptop!

Of course, there are many interesting and popular companies to trade your old laptop to. But what are 5 best places to sell used laptop? Interested? Keep reading as well.


Before Selling Find Out What Your Laptop is Worth

Laptops can decrease in value rather quickly as new models get release all the time. Electronics are one of those things that depreciate fast, so you need to check your laptop’s value before you go to sell it. Right you are! That way, you’ll know if the offer you’re getting is worth your time, or what you should price your laptop at if you choose to sell it yourself.

What do you know about the GadgetValue? This is a site you can use to check the value of your computer. Visit the site, plug in the information for your computer, and get its approximate value. It usually takes a little time. Unfortunately, this site is good for evaluation of old computers, 2014 and older. So, you may try to search eBay. Type the name of your laptop, including its model number, into the search bar. You’ll get an idea of what other similar laptops are selling for and how much they’ve recently sold for so that you’ll know a fair price for yours.

Places To Sell your Used Laptop


SellLaptopBack is a sister site of SellBroke that focuses mostly on laptops, but also accepts some other popular devices. You can receive your cash as soon as the company processes a quote. Then, ship your laptop for free. If there’s any discrepancy with the condition you described, the company will let you know about it. Everything is simple and according to the protocol. What about the price? The price depends on your laptop model, age, and condition.


Sometimes, it is quite hard to find really good competent laptop recycling company to trade with. In comparison with other similar services, Laptopnuts benefits are:

  • Quick assessment;
  • They will pay you top cash for your laptop (up to 80% of its purchase price what is almost impossible to get from selling it on your own);
  • You will get money immediately after we get your laptop (within 24 hours you will receive them on your account).


Looking for a place to recycle your broken laptop? is a laptop recycling buyback reputable business, that helps turn your laptops, cellphones and other devices into cold hard cash. Their recycling program is based on a simple business model. They take useful components that can be used by the demanding worldwide market and recycle otherwise useless electronic waste. finds that recycling helps extend the life and usefulness of electronics that have already served its initial purpose, by re-using those parts in something that can be usable for other consumers.


Why should you use their help to sell your laptop?

  • They pay the highest price for your laptop;
  • They buy all brands and models of laptops;
  • They accept laptops with any conditions;
  • They will pay you cash as soon as possible (within 24 hours of receiving your laptop).

For sure, there are many services which buy old laptops. But they often don’t accept laptops with any conditions or pay for this very low price. But for CashItUsed it doesn’t matter which conditions of your laptop. It can be with broken screen, keyboard, and matrix, scratched and other problems. Do you have a laptop which brand is not famous and cannot get rid of it? Cannot you find company or service to sell it to them or looking for such company for a long time? If you worry, that it is not possible to sell your old laptop because it has infamous and unpopular brand, that model of it is very old, then stop worrying and relax.


The service works traditionally simple:

  1.  STEP
    • Select device category on their page
  2. STEP
    • Fill up the form by selecting your device details, and send request
  3.  STEP
    • Receive our pre-paid box and shipping label. Place your device inside and send it back to the company from closest UPS drop off location.
  4.  STEP
    • They will send you money the very same day they receive it.

Speaking about advantages, you don’t need to think about how to sell laptop and look for a potential buyer. You can quickly assess the device and learn its value on our website. Also, you can send a laptop of any condition, broken or even completely died. You don’t need to worry about the security of the transaction, because they guarantee only safe deals. This is a company of a high reputation. They DO value their reputation and look forward to further cooperation with you, guys.


Summary for the best Place to Sell Laptops

Now you have a whole list of places to sell that used laptop that’s sitting on your desk collecting dust. No more excuses – make some money from it! Have you used any of these places to sell laptops? If not, you may pick one and contact them. Just check the prices for your laptop on their websites and pick the most attractive one.

What one’s your favorite lapotp buyback service?